First impressions of Delhi

I’ve only been here a few hours and my senses are overloaded.

The first thing I noticed was the fragrance of exotic spices wafting through the airport, closely followed by a cacophony of car horns all blasting at the one time totally indiscriminately. The air was hazy and dusty and I could actually taste the grittiness of it on my tongue.

Then came the ride to our hostel. As far as I could tell, no one takes a blind bit of notice of any road signs or lane markings.

Typical traffic scene here in Delhi

We were on a motorway with four marked lanes but obviously locals have discovered that if you fold in your wing mirrors you can fit 6 cars across the lanes. That doesn’t include the cyclists, the motorbikes or the families walking nonchalantly alongside the traffic. At one point we saw a car reversing speedily towards us to try and get off at the right exit. Our lovely driver did not seem at all perturbed by any of these goings on.

What surprised me the most was the amount of greenery, beautiful trees, pink, red and yellow blossoms and hundreds of plants in pots.

Makeshift camps near the train station in Delhi

But we didn’t have to go far to see disturbing sights, beggars, street children, families living  in makeshift camps.

I’m  now sitting in Christian Aid’s office preparing for tomorrow’s trip to Chennai. We’ll see what that brings.


About rosamondbennett

CEO of Christian Aid Ireland, arts lover, avid reader and mother
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2 Responses to First impressions of Delhi

  1. Delighted you’ve arrived safely!

  2. Helen Graham says:

    Rosie glad you have all arrived safely and will keep praying everything goes well for you and the team. Sounds like great contrast of beautiful and not so lovely. Everyone praying for you Blessings Helen

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