Homeward bound

The Indian Garden Lizard – see point 9 below. Pic: Wikipedia

In half an hour I’ll face the madness of Hyderabad traffic and head to the airport for a flight to Dubai. Here are a few lighthearted observations of my time in India:

  1. Always carry toilet roll or tissues with you (less said the better)
  2. IWC means Indian toilet, EWC means European toilet. You rarely get a choice so when you see EWC, go for it my friend
  3. You’re best not asking what the food is, some of the descriptions might put you off. Just eat and enjoy.
  4. Curry is wonderful but not always for breakfast, lunch and dinner
  5. Always carry Immodium (relates to several points above)
  6. Be prepared for cows wandering along in cities as well as in the country
  7. If you have a seatbelt and it works, use it
  8. It is possible to fit a family of four plus shopping on to a motorbike
  9. It’s hard to sleep when there are lizards above your bed and beside it
  10. No matter how hard you try, a mosquito will sneak through your mosquito net. Plasters are great at covering up holes in your net
  11. Finally – if you ever get the opportunity to go to India, take it.

About rosamondbennett

CEO of Christian Aid Ireland, arts lover, avid reader and mother
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2 Responses to Homeward bound

  1. Adrian Horsman says:

    Ah – travellers’ toilet tales!!
    We’ve loved your blogs from India. Looking forward to your article in Farming Life; and you’re right – we’re the ones with a lot to learn.
    Welcome home!

  2. Nazma Kabir says:

    Recognising all these observations when I used to travel to Asia, Africa and other places in the world. Some of these are universal…not only in India (regarding the toilet rolls…etc, I experienced the same in Mozambique and St Lucia or Jamaica, for example!). Eager to listen to your rest of the journey and see your photos wearing those Indian dresses.

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